Open letter to Bondly Finance #Bondly $Bondly

Meriç Özadak
2 min readAug 13, 2021


On 14th of July, 2021, Bondly tokens were stolen in a “mint attack”. All process for Bondly token were frozen on centralized exchanges. Also Bondly team told their investors not to purchase those tokens because they will release a redeployment tokens. After waiting for some time and couple of updates, this process started to take longer compare to other projects which also hacked but replaced tokens as soon as possible.

We believe that Bondly Finance team is not taking enough action and make their investors wait for token redeployment. While community was waiting for answers and waiting for updates, Bondly Finance team never answered questions from their community. Moreover, they banned everybody who demand information over their official Telegram channel.

During the announcements that the new CEO Harry Liu made, there are still so many questions to be answered. In every announcement Harry Liu makes, he asks for support from the community and ask people to believe them. When they leave people unanswered and keep ban them on their social media there will not be any support left because Bondly Finance team left the community alone. Unfortunately, once you lose the support of the people who believe you, you will not get it back.

As the community of Bondly investors, our demands are;

  • Immediate token redeployment!
  • Unban people who are banned on telegram channel
  • Provide more detailed information

On their last announcemets, it is being stated that Bondly Finance is looking for “financial partners”. Bondly Finance does not need any other partner but their investor community. The community is the best “financial partner” and they should not look for any other “partners”.

If Bondly Finance team want people continue to support them and keep trust them, they should take action about these demands ASAP. These demands are not coming from random people, are coming from their investors.

During the second leg of bull run and second NFT trend they left their investors alone and they should do something about that with the responsibility of a team of innovators if you want people to keep supporting you.

(Bondly investors can support this movement by tweeting on #BondlyRedeployment hashtag on Twitter.)

Türkçe çeviri:

(We are looking for translators to translate this open letter to different languages. Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese etc. You can reach me at @mericozadak on Twitter)



Meriç Özadak